Joining Forces with TellApart

We founded Freshplum with the belief that while commerce is inherently personal, merchant websites are rarely personalized. We had a clear vision of a world where your relationship with a merchant is one that's unique to your interests and tastes.

We’re excited to announce that Freshplum will be joining TellApart to bring this vision of

personalized commerce to more of the merchants we all shop with every day.

Merchants already use email, advertising, and their websites to build a relationship with their customers. Now it can be a personal one.

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Freshplum seamlessly integrates with your online business

Freshplum continually learns about the buying habits of your site’s visitors with advanced machine learning

Freshplum unobtrusively integrates with your web store, requiring embedding only a few lines of JavaScript in your source code

When Freshplum detects a visitor to your site is unlikely to convert, it displays a promotional offer to incentivize purchasing